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Other cooperation areas and partnerships

PPP in aquaculture: Supporting a sustainable and competitive aquaculture industry.

Aquaculture provides immense growth rates but also contributes to environmental problems due to the absence of sound management practices. The introduction of new farming practices and environmentally friendly aquaculture models improved the product quality and increased income of farmers. An institutional setting in the sector improved market linkages, creating successful PPP models.


Enhancing Climate Services for Infrastructure Investments (CSI):

Long-term infrastructure projects often fail to take account of future climate change, leading to high risks of damage and misguided investments that harbour potentially serious consequences for the economy and society.

CSI aims to empower decision-makers to make greater use of Climate Services when planning infrastructure investments and thus help increase infrastructure resilience.


Tackling Climate Change Together (TCCT)

Mangrove forests play a crucial role
in protecting the Mekong Delta and our environment but just like tropical forest, they are cut down at an alarming rate.

Project’s objective: 35 hectares of mangrove coastal protection forest of the Mekong Delta have been rehabilitated successfully and 2 local communities (~2,200 people) are better protected from climate change and coastal erosion.