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MCRP Piloting Super-intensive Innovative Farming Models

In 2020, German Development Cooperation (GIZ) initiated the piloting of super-intensive innovative farming models in Soc Trang, Bac Lieu, and Ca Mau within the framework of the Mekong Delta Climate Resilience Programme (MCRP). The model is designed as a recirculatory aquaculture system: sludge is siphoned into a biogas system which can both provide fuel for household and has zero discharge to the rivers or canals.

Mr. Tien Thanh’s farm in Vinh Hau, Bac Lieu is one of the 6 households that GIZ has provided innovative equipment and technical support to pilot this super-intensive shrimp farming model. After the piloting phase, GIZ and partners will evaluate the overall effectiveness of the model and prepare for the upscaling opportunity, with a vision towards a sustainable practice for the shrimp industry contributing to a climate-resilient future in the Mekong Delta.