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Mr Christoph Klinnert – MCRP Programme Director made an opening remark

The online workshop on the implementation of MCRP Phase 2 took place on 15 September 2021 with the participation of representatives from PPCs, DARDs, DoCs, DPIs, DONREs of 13 Mekong provinces. The workshop was chaired by VNDMA and MCRP.

The results of the current MCRP Phase 1 and an overview of Phase 2 were presented at the workshop. The participants contributed important comments and recommendations on the proposed activities, coordination mechanism, implementation structure and preparation of local resources when participating in the Programme. This contribution is valuable for the finalization of the Project Document and facilitate the demand-responsive and efficient implementation of the Programme.

MCRP Phase 2 is built on the results of Phase 1 with expanded fields of work and more partners at central, regional, and provincial levels. With 4 outputs including: i) institutional strengthening for regional coordination, ii) climate-resilient investment planning, iii) innovative technologies for coastal and riverbank erosion interventions and climate-resilient and iv) water-sensitive urban infrastructure, the Programme is aimed at improving climate-resilient management of natural resources in coastal areas of the Mekong Delta to ensure sustainable development in the region.

MCRP is co-financed by the Governments of Germany, Switzerland and Viet Nam and commissioned to GIZ for implementation in cooperation with MARD and 13 Mekong provinces.

Mr. Le Quang Tuan - Deputy Director of the Department of Science, Technology and International Cooperation under MARD
representing Viet Nam Disaster Management Authority (VNDMA) to chair the workshop 


Mr. Ly Minh Dang - MCRP Team Leader Water Management and Coastal Protection reporting on Phase I of the Project.


Provincial partners raise questions and provide inputs for the implementation of MCRP Phase II