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Introducing the innovative concept of a “sponge city”, the MCRP champions forward-thinking strategies for climate-resilient and water-sensitive urban infrastructure development.

The sponge city concept represents a Nature-based Solution (NbS) to urban water challenges, which mimics natural water absorption and filtration processes. This concept promotes the permeability and reuse of water, thus effectively mitigating urban flooding while enhancing groundwater replenishment.

To empower regional authorities with a comprehensive understanding and the practical skills for implementing the sponge city concept, the MCRP organized a series of 3 day-trainings in two key cities Long Xuyen (An Giang province) and Rach Gia (Kien Giang province), held in March and April. These training sessions are tailored to equip participants with the necessary tools and methodologies for designing, planning, and executing the concept within their respective localities.

Over 50 officers participated in the training sessions. Let’s delve into their feedback:

  • Mr Huy, Officer at Department of Construction, Ben Tre province: “I found the training course very beneficial and practical. It’s possible to immediately apply some solutions to the urban planning of Ben Tre city, especially in the integration process between urban landscape and drainage, green and grey infrastructure. The “sponge city” concept brings many conveniences to the city not only in terms of rainwater drainage but also in terms of supplementing groundwater, utilizing rainwater to cope with salinity, reducing temperature, improving urban climate and creating green landscape”.
  • Trang, Officer at Department of Construction, Dong Thap province: “The training course is meticulously and thoughtfully prepared. It also introduces many fresh elements such as: Quiz games to review key content, creating relaxed atmosphere; Combining teaching with field visits and exercises practices; Encouraging multidimensional approaches, flexibly integrating various solutions and models. I evaluate Spong City concept as a model worth further research and consideration for application in Dong Thap in the future. “


Since 2019, the MCRP has been actively supporting the implementation of climate-resilient and water-sensitive urban infrastructure in the Mekong Delta. Currently, the project is assisting three provinces - Ca Mau, Soc Trang and Hau Giang – in formulating Sponge City concepts, laying a robust foundation for sustainable urban development in the region.