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Virtual training on the updated Operational Regulations for the irrigation system

The Long Xuyen Quadrangle (LXQ) is located in the West of the Mekong Delta, involving largely two provinces An Giang and Kien Giang. It covers a natural area of 490.000 ha. The region borders with Hau River on one side, and with the West Sea on the other side. The inter-provincial irrigation system of LXQ plays significant roles in water management, disaster prevention and environmental protection and socio-economic development in the region. The Operational Regulations (ORs) for the irrigation system, therefore, should be developed scientifically and on the basis of close coordination between the two provinces.
In 2017, GIZ supported the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and the local provinces in developing the ORs for the irrigation system of LXQ. Since its issuance on 20/12/2017, the ORs has brought many positive results, which are appreciated by MARD and the beneficiary provinces.
With recent changes in irrigation infrastructures in the region, including new and under-construction projects such as Tha La – Tra Su sluice gates and sluices structure in the west-sea flood drainage cluster, the ORs (2017) should be updated to adapt to these developments. Within the framework of the Mekong Delta Climate Resilience Programme (MCRP), GIZ continues to support MARD and the local governments in updating the ORs.
The updated ORs was submitted to MARD for appraisal and approval, and would be promulgated in September 2021. Under this activity, from 12th to 15th September 2021, MCRP and the Southern Institute of Water Resources Planning (SIWRP) successfully organized the virtual training on the updated ORs and associated tools (including the hydraulic model and database system that were utilised in the course of updating the ORs) for provincial irrigation system operators, managers and relevant stakeholders.
Together with the technical support activities on water management in LXQ and the Mekong Delta, this training contributes to strengthening the capacity of beneficiaries and stakeholders in technology application and digital transformation in the field of management and operation of irrigation infrastructures.